Established in 2016, White Label Apothecary was created to serve MMMJ patients in southern and southwestern Maine.

At White Label Apothecary, we believe that cannabis is the medicine of life and variety the spice.

Our mission is to provide quality, handcrafted medicine at a fair price.

After years of trying to do everything, we’ve refined our products to focus on edibles, tinctures, topicals and limited concentrates. To accommodate the needs of higher does patients, we recently released a line of all our classic products but with 5x strength. And while we love your business, please be aware that most doctors we’ve worked with recommend “tolerance breaks” of at least a few days every 3 – 4 months. “Easier said than done,” says the guy laying in bed with sore joints staring at the ceiling, knowing that a great night’s sleep is only a caramel or two away…

In an age where product quality and customer service seem to be steadily going down the toilet, we aim to reflect a time in the past when people gave a damn. When people delivered what they promised. When pride in product mattered as much as profit. When there was such a thing as personal responsibility.

In a constantly changing industry, we aim to provide solid ground. Solid products. Solid service.

We’re White Label Apothecary, and we’re here to stay.

In order to keep up with demand, we ceased retail operations in April ’22 to focus on wholesaling our products to shops and dispensaries throughout Maine with the hope that soon all patients will have access to White Label Apothecary products at their nearest medical retail location.

If you are a patient and your local dispensary doesn’t carry WLA products, please feel free to play matchmaker and put us in touch!

And if you are a dispensary or shop looking to carry WLA products, well, hit us up!

Cheers, WLA